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Contact Lenses & Children

Preparing your child or teen for contact lenses.A child’s ability to safely handle and wear contact lenses should be decided upon jointly by a parent and your Clarkson Eyecare doctor. It is a common question from parents, and the answer is not necessarily based on age but maturity level. There is no set age one may begin wearing lenses, but there are tell tale signs a parent can watch for to determine if their child is ready for the responsibility of wearing contact lenses.


Does your child get easily frustrated? Does he or she take homework and other responsibilities seriously? These alone may seem insignificant, but are in fact great indicators of their responsibility to their health. Contact lenses can become harmful to the eye when mishandled, so this information can be very helpful in determining whether or not your child is ready for contacts.


No matter the age, wearing contact lenses will have an effect on your child’s life. Studies have shown that children who wear contacts over eyeglasses have increased self esteem and confidence in their abilities. Contact lenses can be a great avenue for boosting this confidence, while not committing to any permanent changes…since your child will always have a backup pair of eyeglasses handy!


So if your child is thinking of making the switch from glasses to contact lenses, make it a group discussion with your Clarkson doctor at your next visit.