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Warranty Policy and Eyewear Protection Plan

All frames are warranted to be free of defects for one year. Frames broken due to neglect or accident or misuse are not coveredManufacturer Defect Warranty

All eyeglasses purchased at Clarkson Eyecare are guaranteed to be free of manufacturer defect for 90 days from the original date of purchase. Manufacturer defects on lenses include coating defects, drill mount defects or cracking. Scratches on lenses are not considered a manufacturer defect. Frame manufacturer defects include loss of frame decal/enhancement, chipped paint and malfunctioning hinge or mount.


Patients can expand their coverage by opting to purchase the Clarkson Eyewear Protection Plan which has unlimited coverage due to damage or breakage not covered under the 90 Day Manufacturer Defect Warranty.

Clarkson Eyewear Protection Plan

Clarkson Eyecare offers a one year Eyewear Protection Plan that provides more coverage due to accidental damage or damage caused by normal wear and tear. The Protection Plan cost is $29.00 per pair at the time of purchase.

The Protection Plan covers:

  • Broken or damaged frame

  • Excessive scratches on lens or frame

  • Accidental damage or damage due to normal wear and tear

  • Repairs and maintenance for one year

  • Unlimited use for one year from original date of eyewear purchase


The Protection Plan details:

  • At the time of use, the patient will be responsible for 15% of full retail price. The patient must pay the full retail price of any upgrades added at the time of use. The price will be based on current retail pricing on the frame and lens.

  • The patient is responsible for tax on the Protection Plan and the materials purchased at the time of use.

  • Not available for purchase or use on Oakley sunglasses, Maui Jim frames or lenses, or Zeal frames or lenses; or lenses on a sunglass frame with manufacturer provided lenses (non-prescription).

  • The prescription must be the original prescription used at the original date of purchase.

  • The plan must be purchased at the time of eyeglass purchase or before the eyeglasses are dispensed.

  • The plan does not cover lost or stolen eyewear. All product must be returned for credit.

  • Only valid on the original frame and lens purchase. In the event the frame or lens is no longer available, you will be refit in a frame/lens of equal or less value.

  • The Protection Plan Fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable to other orders.

  • After one year from the date of eyewear purchase, the Protection Plan is invalid and the patient will be responsible for full retail price for replacement of eyewear.


Non-adapt Policy

If you are fit into a progressive (no line bifocal) and cannot properly adapt to this type of lens, Clarkson Eyecare will remake your lenses into either a single vision or lined bifocal at no additional cost to you. The new lenses must be put into the original frame purchased. Clarkson Eyecare will not refund the original upgrade cost of the progressive lens.

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