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Clarkson Precision Lenses


If you wear progressive lenses, you know the challenges they can present. Imagine viewing the world like you did before multifocals. Now you can with the Clarkson Precision Lens!


Available exclusively at Clarkson Eyecare, the Clarkson Precision Lens is designed to uniquely fit your prescription. Enjoy truly customized lenses that are digitally optimized exclusively for your eyes. You'll enjoy clearer vision in every direction.

Progressive Lens Benefits:

  • Wider field of vision while driving

  • Decreased distortion while using stairs

  • Increased clarity across the entire lens

  • Easier transition from near to far portions of the lens

  • Less glare from lights while driving, reading, watching television, or working on a computer

Single Vision Lens Benefits:

  • Increased clarity in every direction

  • Astigmatism reduction due to digital ray-path technology

  • Lighter weight for high prescription lenses

  • Ability to fit into any frame, even sport frames

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