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LASIK and Your Eyes

Refractive surgery

Lasik and your eyesRefractive surgery is any procedure that corrects visual acuity, with the objective of reducing or eliminating the need for glasses and contacts. Refractive surgery includes PRK and LASIK and is an elective surgical procedure. This means there is no medical condition or emergency condition requiring that you have refractive surgery. Clarkson and our surgeons provide informed consent sheets to outline the risks, benefits, alternatives and limitations of refractive surgery.

Refractive surgery does not correct all levels of refractive error and is not for everyone. Because the outcome of refractive surgery is not totally predictable, Clarkson cannot guarantee that LASIK will improve your vision, or that it will eliminate your need for glasses or contact lenses. After the procedure, you may still need glasses or contact lenses for some purposes, either immediately after the procedure or years later. It is not realistic to expect that the procedure will always result in perfect vision. It is also remotely possible that your vision will not remain stable, either because the procedure leads to short-term changes in the cornea or because your eyes may change over time.

Click to view Clarkson's video: LASIK at Clarkson LASIK“I had a wonderful experience when I had LASIK done several years ago and I was treated first class the entire time. Everyone was extremely nice, caring and professional.” – Dana D.


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